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Seiko Holdings Corporation (セイコーホールディングス, Seikō Hōrudingusu Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly known as Seiko (/ˈseɪkoʊ/ SAY-koh, Japanese: [seːkoː]), is a Japanese maker of watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, jewelries, and optical products. Founded in 1881, it is known for introducing one Get price

Canon Inc.

Canon Inc. (キヤノン(キャノン), Kyanon kabushiki gaisha) is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.[3][4] Canon has a Get price

Ezvid Wiki: The World's Video Wiki

Established in 2011, Ezvid Wiki has grown from a small user-generated forum into the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, providing useful, unbiased information and actionable guidance to hundreds of millions of people around the world, in thousands of knowledge categories. Ezvid Wiki is one of the world's leading non-fiction Get price

openSUSE Wiki

The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, as well as a variety of tools, such as OBS, OpenQA, Kiwi, YaST, OSEM, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community. Get price

The Secret Life of Machines

The Secret Life of Machines is an educational television series presented by Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod, in which the two explain the inner workings and history of common and office machinery.[1] According to Hunkin, the show's creator, the programme was developed from his comic strip The Rudiments of Wisdom, which he researched and Get price

Ezvid Wiki: The World's Video Wiki

2021/02/12The Duramont Office allows you to adjust the height and angle of the head and arm rests, the amount of lumbar support, the seat height, and the tilt of the backrest for customized comfort. While it's on the high end of the price spectrum, the Herman Miller Aeron has been known as one of the most comfortable office chairs around for over 20 years, especially for those who work long hours. Get price

The name Berlin became unsavoury for residents after Great Britain and Canada's entry into the First World War, as German Canadians experienced increasing anti-German sentiment. In a vote characterized by intimidation and high voter turnout, the 19 May 1916 referendum on changing the name narrowly passed; a second vote to choose the new name saw low turnout. Get price

3D television

3D television (3DTV) is television that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing techniques such as stereoscopic display, multi-view display, 2D-plus-depth, or any other form of 3D display.Most modern 3D television sets use an active shutter 3D system or a polarized 3D system, and some are autostereoscopic without the need of glasses. Get price

The Office (American TV series)

The Office is an American mockumentary sitcom television series that depicts the everyday work lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.It aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, lasting a total of nine seasons. [1] Get price

Top 8 Office Printers of 2021

2019/06/15The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035, for instance, was replaced with the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 thanks to a faster print speed, higher paper capacity, and more compact design. In some cases, rankings shifted as a result of other options coming on the market that did a Get price

World's main battle tanks: Ranking the top 10

2019/06/27The world's top 10 main battle tanks 27 Jun 2019 (Last Updated June 3rd, 2020 13:26) Since the Cold War main battle tanks (MBTs) have evolved from being simple and light to heavy, modernised and highly mobile, with advancements in weaponry and countermeasures. Get price

OFF Wiki

OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.The game was translated into English in 2011 and is considered a gem among indie adventure RPGs.OFF is widely praised for its in-depth and complex story, its rich and immersing environment, and its memorable characters. NOTICE: This wiki contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles. Please play the game Get price

Ezvid for Windows Official Download Page

Thanks for visiting ezvid, the home of Ezvid, the coolest new screen recorder and video creator. Ezvid is exceptional because of the power of its cutting-edge effects and features. With voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control, Ezvid the world's single best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers. Get price

Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

Unsolved Mysteries is a 1988-2005 TV series that asked the public for help in unsolved crimes, catching lost fugitives, and finding lost people. Originating on NBC as a series of seven specials, it became an instant hit. It was first hosted by Perry Mason star Raymond Burr, then two more by Streets of San Francisco star Karl Malden, and the Get price

BBC World Service

The BBC World Service is an international broadcaster owned and operated by the BBC.It is the world's largest of any kind. It broadcasts radio news, speech and discussions in more than 40 languages to many parts of the world on analogue and digital shortwave platforms, internet streaming, podcasting, satellite, DAB, FM and MW relays. Get price

List of Jim's pranks

On Jim's baseball card, it says that he has played 794 pranks on Dwight as of the release date of Work Bus, October 18, 2012. Here are some of the more notable pranks Jim has played on Dwight, Andy, or any other unsuspecting co-worker. A few of them are Dwight's pranks too. Get price


In October 1961, the world's first all-electronic desktop calculator, the British Bell Punch/Sumlock Comptometer ANITA (A New Inspiration To Arithmetic/Accounting) was announced. [17] [18] This machine used vacuum tubes, cold-cathode tubes and Dekatrons in its circuits, with 12 cold-cathode Nixie tubes for its display. Get price

The World's End (film)

The World's End is a 2013 science fiction comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan and Rosamund Pike. The film follows five friends who discover, during an epic pub crawl, that there is an alien invasion in their hometown. Wright has Get price

World's main battle tanks: Ranking the top 10

2019/06/27The world's top 10 main battle tanks 27 Jun 2019 (Last Updated June 3rd, 2020 13:26) Since the Cold War main battle tanks (MBTs) have evolved from being simple and light to heavy, modernised and highly mobile, with advancements in weaponry and countermeasures. Get price

SELPHY Compact Photo Printers

Home Printers Home Printers Home Printers Functional and stylish home photo printers and all-in-ones delivering quality results. Small Office Printers Small Office Printers Small Office Printers Get productive with a range of small office printers that are your ideal companions. Get price

PotC Wiki

was a member of the pirate crews, most notably aboard the Black Pearl, led by Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow. In his many journeys, Pintel was rarely seen without his partner in crime, Ragetti . Soon after joining Jack Sparrow's crew aboard the Black Pearl, Pintel and many others joined Barbossa in a mutiny against Jack. Get price

Parliament of the World's Religions

There have been several meetings referred to as a Parliament of the World's Religions, the first being the World's Parliament of Religions of 1893, which was an attempt to create a global dialogue of faiths. The event was celebrated by another conference on its centenary in 1993. This led to a new series of conferences under the official title Get price

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